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FM Works
for ARCHIBUS Web Central
Our proven, efficient, and user-friendly interface provides
a single point of access to all the information you need to
effectively manage a high volume of work orders.
Workflow Bar
Easy Filtering
Drag and Drop
Tabbed Interface
Much more…
Simple and intuitive
Easy to use
Quickly manage high
volumes of Requests
Easy access to all work
OnLINE FM, LLC is a CAFM/IWMS consulting firm with offices in Memphis, Tennessee and
Salt Lake City, Utah. As a certified ARCHIBUS Business Partner, OnLINE has been helping
clients in the Government, Corporate, Healthcare, Education, Energy, and Financial sectors
achieve their CAFM and IWMS goals for over 20 years with proven results.
Call OnLINE FM today or ask your ARCHIBUS business partner how you can streamline
your work order process with FM Works.
web: | email: | phone: 800-942-8293
FM WORKS is a trademark of OnLINE FM, LLC. ARCHIBUS Web Central is a registered trademark of Facilities Management Techniques, Inc.